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The Dayton Defender Fact Sheet

The area of influence is economically sound with 36.74% of its income per household ranging from $32,000 to $200,000. 

Fact – We cover the Dayton, Ohio Region. The Defender has a paid circulation and is distributed in numerous locations throughout the area. 

Fact – We are the most efficient medium for targeting one of the most economically select group of customers in the Midwest.

Fact - Over 70,000 persons read the Defender each week. They are people willing and able to buy your goods or services. African Americans in Dayton spent nearly 900 million dollars last year. They tend to be exceptionally loyal and are always repeat customers.

Community Data

Number of:
Black-Owned Churches 121
Black-Owned Businesses


Organized Civic & social Clubs


Black Support Groups (i.e. NAACP, etc.)



Retail Spending Data
(Spending by major categories in millions)

Food Store $152
General Merch $138.5
Auto Dealers $127.1
Eating and Drinking $107.1
Gasoline $91.4
Furniture $54.9
Apparel $41.8

The Dayton Defender is a Weekly Community Newspaper
4701 Bufort
Dayton, Ohio 45424-2020

The Defender advertisements are sold on a per column-inch basis of $12.00 per column-inch

1/2 page: 3 columns x 21 inches long
1/2 page: 6 columns x 10 1/2 inches long
1/4 page: 3 columns x 10 1/2 inches long
Full page: 6 columns x 21 inches long

To determine your column inches and cost; count the number of columns your ad will utilize (one column is approximately 2 1/8 inches wide). Multiply the number of columns by the length in inches (this will be the size of your ad in column inches) then multiply the column inch size by the rate on our rate card.

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