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Every time I try to quit my ex-girlfriend, she calls!

Dear Gwendolyn:

I have a problem that is driving me insane.  I am in love with a girl who told me nine months ago that she was in love with someone else.  I have tried to go on with my life.  Its hard, but I was doing pretty good until three months ago. 

When I came home from work, my ex-girlfriend had left a message telling me that she wanted to come back into my life.  She admitted having made a mistake.  She said that she was sure I was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.  After hearing her voice, I was still a little angry, but yet felt delighted and happy.  I tried to call her, but to my surprise her telephone was blocked.  I didn't hear from her for another three weeks. 

Gwendolyn, what should I do?  How can you deal with someone who just keeps you on a string?


Dear Bill:

You cut the string.  No man should be juggled by a woman.  Don't waste another moment trying to make her love you.  Its not worth it Bill, not at all. 

Let me tell you something:  The only reason your ex-girlfriend is trying to keep you in her life is because she is unsure of her present relationship.  Think about it.  If  the relationship with her new friend does not materialize into marriage, then she will run back to you.  I do mean literally run.   I hate to see a man get a bad deal.  Once being burned by one woman, some men never give their heart again. There are many good women in the world Bill.  Don't let this one ruin your life.  I must say that your ex-girlfriend is poison and poison kills.

Most people who are in love see the handwriting on the wall that says, No good.  They refuse to accept it, but later suffer terrible trauma of a broken heart.  No man likes to be used.  Bill, right now you are sitting in the loser seat.

My advice to you is to rid this woman from your life forever.  No matter how much you love her, fight your feelings.  Love is not like a ballgame, you know… You sit on the sideline until the coach decides its your time  to play the game.  Bill, being in love is so hard, but realizing you have been used --- is harder.

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